Support LGBTQ Equality

Where is the Money?

Why raise money?

Our mission is to build a collection of voices from the entertainment, fashion and music worlds to speak against discrimination. And, while we could just ask the coalition to speak out for equality, we see so many terrific organizations that need financial support.

How do we raise money?

Rachel Antonoff Inc. is donating a percentage of sales from her Fall 2013 Best Friends collection. Since Fall 2012, Fun. has set aside $1 from each ticket sold.

The Ally Coalition also organizes various fundraising events (benefit concerts, dances, social gatherings) to support not only TAC, but a local charity.

Where do we spend our money?

The Ally Coalition has the normal expenses of a growing organization, like improving our website and building our event displays. We have a part-time administrator and several volunteers who run the daily operations and plan the work to engage the coalition. We also support organizations providing direct support to LGBTQ youths. This support will come in two forms – awareness and financial.

Awareness: We are committed to opening space at music shows for local organizations to engage fans. We started with the following Fun. tours:

Campus Consciousness Tour (Fall 2012) – 2 TAC volunteers spent 2 weeks with Fun. on the Campus Consciousness Tour. They set up the TAC table and photobooth and spoke to students about standing up for LGBTQ equality and what it means to be an Ally.

US Tour (Winter, 2013): 1 TAC representative organized nightly volunteers and soundcheck events for local Gay – Straight Alliance groups. Each night, they hosted a local Gay-Straight Alliance at soundcheck and invited a local LGBTQ Youth Center to table. Fans were asked to participate in a donation drive, and the band also raised support through donations and merchandise sales.

– And, over the next 6 months, we will join Fun. on the Most Nights Tour (Summer, 2013): We will have a TAC volunteer on tour to organize the TAC Equality Village. We are inviting local nonprofits to join the TAC Equality Village and also asking fans to participate in donation drives for local LGBTQ Youth Centers.

Financial: We are committed to supporting equality organizations. We received IRS status in October 2012, and immediately began making donations.

– Fun. played a show in October, 2012 and donated all the revenue, $29,156, to Mainers United for Marriage, which led the successful Marriage Equality campaign in Maine.

– On the 2012 Campus Consciousness Tour, we asked local student organizations to join TAC and table at each tour stop. Each organization will receive a $250 donation. One example is Haven, the LGBT student run organization at the University of Delaware.

– Throughout 2012, one of the best selling items from the Fun. merchandise table has been the It’s All Fun and Gay T Shirt. All the proceeds, 34,388,have gone to support the efforts of Revel & Riot to promote LGBTQ rights, awareness and equality.

– On the 2013 US Winter Tour, Fun. played in 13 different cities. We raised $6,100 through merchandise and raffle ticket sales and are making a donation to a LGBTQ Youth Center in each tour market. One example is the Just Us Program at The Oasis Center in Nashville.

– In addition, the band is donating all the proceeds from the Winter Tour posters to the Detroit-based Ruth Ellis Center.

– Rachel, Jack, Nate and Andrew hosted a cocktail party the day after the Grammy’s and raised $2,500 to support Colors, a LGBT youth Community and Counseling center in Los Angeles.

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